Member Protection Policy  Please click here

This Policy is effective from 21 April 2015 and will operate until replaced. This Policy may be amended from time to time by the Management Committee of DPNA.

This Policy aims to ensure the core values, good reputation, positive behaviours and attitudes
of DPNA and persons identified in the Member Protection Policy Clause 3 are maintained and enhanced.

This Policy assists DPNA to ensure that every person involved in netball is treated with respect and dignity and is protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse.  This Policy also ensures that every person involved in netball is aware of her/his legal and ethical rights and responsibilities as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

This Policy also reflects netball’s support of the sport industry principles and values outlined in
The Essence of Australian Sport – principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety.

This Policy is accompanied by attachments that describe the practical steps DPNA (where applicable and relevant) will take to reduce discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour from netball. As part of this commitment DPNA will take disciplinary action against any person or organisation bound by this Policy if they breach it.

This Policy is supported by Member Protection procedures that have been adopted, applied and implemented by DPNA. Please refer to Parts A - H of the DPNA Member Protection Policy.

The following documents are included in the Member Protection Policy.  Separate copies of the various Codes of Behaviour can be obtained from the DPNA website – http://downeypark.qld.netball.com.au/ – or by contacting DPNA.  


PART A:    Codes of Behaviour

PART B:            Child Protection and Working with Children Requirements

PART C:            Anti-Discrimination

PART D:            Pregnancy

PART E:             Gender Identity

PART F:             Cyber Safety

PART G:            Complaints Handling

PART H:            Photography




Netball Australia (NA) is the peak body responsible the development and promotion of netball nationally. NA recognises the need for a Concussion Policy to guide the response and treatment of concussion at national level events and competitions. NA also recognises a need for advice and information to assist netball states, associations and clubs address concussion at the community level.


Although rare in netball, concussion has increasingly become a significant public health issue, particularly relevant to sport.


The primary purpose of the policy is at all times to protect the welfare of netball athletes. Accurate diagnosis and management is needed to ensure that a concussed player is appropriately treated.


This policy sets out are the guidelines, procedures, information and references that can be used by medical staff, athletes, coaches, support staff, and parents responding to players who have received a concussion.


The policy comprises of:

1. Important Facts on Concussion

2. Mandatory procedures for Netball Australia Competitions

3. Reference Cards

4. Useful Links / Resources

5. Further Information on Concussion


Click HERE to access the full policy document. 

Volunteer Employment Screening and Child Protection Risk Management 

Volunteer Screening Information including Blue Card Application Forms and Child Protection Risk Management can be found on the blue card website at  

Privacy Policy 

As Clubs collect member’s information which is then passed to Downey Park and in turn to Netball Queensland, it is recommended that you advise your members of this. A statement on your member registration form such as “Player information is retained for our Club records. Details are also forwarded to Downey Park Netball Association for player and team registration and Downey Park Netball Association in turn forwards information to Netball Queensland for player registration and insurance purposes.” 

Netball Australia Policies: https://netball.com.au/national-policies/


Netball Queensland Policies: https://qld.netball.com.au/resources-policies-guidelines/